Visit our local Cooperage in Prince Edward County


I always suggest to our guests that they drop by and see our local cooperage in Bloomfield and take a moment to speak with Pete. Located right beside the distillery of 66 Gilead, (a great place to visit too), Carriage House Cooperage is interesting stop on your wine tour. Pete is a wonderful guy who is passionate about  the barrels he handcrafts. He also produces a wonderful array of wine vinegars that you are welcome to sample and purchase.


Click on the video link below to see more:

2 Responses to “Visit our local Cooperage in Prince Edward County”
  1. scott


    I was just wondering if you have a contact for The Carriage House Cooperage? I tried to follow the website link in your website but it did not seem to work. And I am unable to find anything other than articles on the business in general searches. But I would like to get in touch with them if possible.

    thanks so much,

    • Susan

      Hi Scott:

      Sorry for taking so long to reply.
      Please go to as the cooperage has moved to this winery’s location.

      All the best,


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