The girls have arrived!!!!!

chicks have arrived

Lucy, Betsy, Luvy. Maureen (Moe) and Duck arrived late last week at a ripe old age of 2 days.

They are set up comfortably in the sunroom under a heat lamp monitored to about 90 degrees farenheit.

chickens have arrived

Initially a bit camera shy, they are now warming up to being handled gently and will feed from my hand. Two of them (not sure which two as they all look pretty similar) have taken a liking to Oscar our Bassett Hound. He is a little skeptical about our new additions, however I do catch him going into the sunroom peering into the box on his own.

The breed we have chosen are Buff Orpingtons. William Cook of Orpington, Kent created this breed in 1880. They are a cold-hardy, adaptable, docile and affectionate breed. Also known as good mothers and layers. The breed has both a loyal and royal following. The late Queen Elizabeth the 1st and the Queen Mother both owned flocks of this breed.

The outdoor coop is currently under construction. Keep posted for our “Chickie” updates.

Looking forward to serving our guests at AWAY farm fresh eggs in the not so distant future.

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  1. MAG

    We want pix of chix!

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