Preparing the Garden!

We have been busy planting seeds inside our front sunroom for about a month now in preparation for our vegetable and flower garden.  We love Zinnias as a cut flower and have many ready to be planted.   We will also be growing various heirloom tomatoes again this year, along with a selection of mixed greens, zucchini, various beans and herbs, butternut squash, pie pumpkins, radishes, carrots, sunchokes (we just love them), the list goes on.   Alot of the bounty from our garden will also be used in the breakfasts we prepare for our AWAY guests.

All going well and if the harvest is good we might be able to put Oscar’s Veggie Stand up by the road again this year, which includes his “get you out of the dog house” paw picked bouquets!   All monies raised from the stand are spent on seeds for the following year along with a donation to our local food bank.

-Happy Spring Everyone!   Susan, Glen and of course Oscar.

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