Oscar wins BIG or should I say LONG at the Picton Fair Dog Show!

As you can see Oscar can barely contain his excitement!

As many of my friends know, year after year I have entered our pooch Oscar in the Milford Fair Dog Show. Every year we have come home sadly empty handed. The cute little girl with the big pooch always wins!!!
This year we tried the Picton Fair Dog Show with wonderful results. Oscar was the winner of the Longest Ear (beating out 10 time winner Guiness the lovely girl Basset, which was bittersweet as she is sooo cute! In actual fact her and Oscar’s ears both measure 19 cm so it came down to a coin toss.) However, he did win the Longest Tail with a whopping 24 cm fair and square. As you can see from the photo he can barely contain his excitement. At home afterwards he quietly contemplates and basks in his wins!


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