I do like sparkly things…


Great to be home from over a month of travelling. From the South of France to BC to Alberta.

While in the Okanagan wine region of BC we stumbled upon Sparkling Hill. Located near Vernon, overlooking Lake Okanagan, Sparking Hill was designed by Swarovski crystal architect Andreas Altmayer. This resort complete with luxury accommodations, spa and restaurants incorporates  3.5 million Swarovski crystals in virtually every element of the property. It is the first public building in the world with crystal architecture and gives off quite the sparkle as you can imagine.  The main entrance as you can see below looks like a gigantic crystal truly rivaling the ROM crystal entrance.

Alas we do have sparkly things here too in the County, but they come more in the liquid form. Like Hinterland’s sparkling wines!  These exclusively effervescent wines are delish and come with earthy names and modern, cool labels in both white and rose!  www.hinterlandwines.ca

Check out the wonderful write up on Hinterland Wines in the  MACLEAN’S special publication WINE in CANADA on newsstands now.  The book also includes a 14 page spread on some of the County’s most renowned wineries.


And of course if you are planning a road trip to the County this Spring and Summer do consider booking with us at AWAY in the County Bed & Breakfast as we are known to “sparkle” too in our own unique way!


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