Happy Groundhog Day- 6 more weeks to Spring!

AWAY Bed & Breakfast looks forward to opening for the season on April 11th.

It has been and still is a cold winter here in the County.  Too cold and icy many days to enjoy our favourite winter pass time of cross-country skiing on the trails at Sandbanks.  Hopefully that will change soon and we can get some runs in before Spring!

In the meantime our poor chicks are fed up with being cooped up in their coop during those bitterly cold winter days.  Oscar the Bassett is also having a hard time maneuvering around the waist-high drifts we have in our property. Although that hasn’t stopped him from trotting down onto the lake for a stroll.



In the meantime here is a bit of chicken humour that will keep you going till Spring!


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