Away Video

This video montage gives you a wonderful feel for how your time at AWAY in the County  Bed & Breakfast will be!  If this doesn’t get you to pack your suitcase I don’t know what will!

Thanks to Trevor, Luke and Ryan at Crowe for putting together such a wonderful video and to my collaborator in the art direction, designer Amanda Keenan.

5 Responses to “Away Video”
  1. Susan Warrack

    Awesome website. Great videos. It looks like paradise.

  2. 01.04.2013

    It is pretty close!

  3. Jim Carmichael

    Very nice, looks wonderful
    Hope to visit sometime soon !

  4. Brian Conway

    Great video!
    Just don’t know about the peaches (or are they grown in the County?)

    • Susan

      Don’t worry Brian they are Ontario peaches!

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